• 19th March 2019

Stride’s Building Services Consultants Attend 11th Annual Data Centre World Event

2018 and 2019 saw an explosion in demand from our clients within the London Building Services industry, with a particular focus on mission critical projects.

On Wednesday 13th March, two of our Consultants, Cerise Jefferys and Danielle Ray, attended the 11th annual Data Centre World event at the London Excel Centre. Danielle discusses below her experience at the event.

Data Centre World Event 2019


We explored the latest seminars on the current and future data centre markets, met with some of our clients and talked to industry suppliers to broaden our understanding of the manufacturing of products used within data centres. The information we gather from these industry events is essential to keep us abreast of industry trends and enables us to provide the best talent to our clients.

We got to see first-hand the work that our clients do within the sector and get a better insight into upcoming projects. The seminars we attended helped us to understand how these projects will affect both business and domestic data users.

Where is the market going?

The data centre sector is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide and, consequently, we are seeing an upturn in requirements for experienced Electrical Building Services and HVAC Engineers. This is particularly due to the increased push towards sustainable energy, increasing output and operational resilience.

Technology, by its very nature, is always evolving and so are the challenges facing the Building Services sector. Not just in electrical engineering but also HVAC, in terms of enhanced, more efficient ducting and pipework to keep these incredibly complex systems running in a robust and efficient manner. The world’s thirst for data, and somewhere to store it, will only lead to bigger, faster and more efficient data centres to support our multitude of devices.

With companies across a range of markets expanding their businesses internationally, there is a growing need for data centres that are either remote or based at a different site. This has meant that manufacturing companies have to create and supply a number of different solutions; from large buildings comprising of a network of servers to smaller Microdata Centres which can monitor and process information from a remote site within the security of the company’s headquarters.

How will this growth affect people in the industry?

Over the next few years, we will see 5G rolled out for daily use. This level of data will mean that the number of devices per square kilometre will increase from the 200,000 devices that 4G can power up to 1 million devices in the same square area!

With this growth in the amount of data output, the way we generate data will need to change. There are a range of ways that the industry leaders are considering adapting their data centre. Including charging batteries with their waste power enabling the removal of the emergency diesel generators used to power the data centre in the event of a power failure and using renewable energy sources such as wind farms and hydropower. These technologies are already being tested in Sweden, so we can expect to see a change in the way all our energy is produced, both commercially and domestically.

The enhanced utilisation of automation will become a huge focus in the data centre world. This automation will cause data centre Facilities Management teams to reduce the number of onsite engineering staff, relying instead on complex diagnostics to recognise, pin point and help resolve key issues.

We’re seeing a huge surge in recruitment for data centre projects for our clients in the UK, Ireland and West Europe. The clients that we work closely with are already working to be more sustainable.  At Data Centre World, the Building Services’ passion for sustainability was more visible than you’d imagine, with Cundall having a fully sustainable stand. Truly impressive!


It’s an exciting time for the sector, and here at Stride we are ready to overcome the challenges the market faces. We already recruit for the best companies in the industry, and work with the best candidates, and will continue to deepen our market knowledge.

Get in touch with Cerise Jefferys or myself, Danielle Ray, for UK-based Building Services roles. For European markets, please contact Tom Lay.


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