• 15th February 2016

Delivering AMP 6 – Addressing the skills shortage

There is no doubt that AMP 6 will be an extremely busy period for the UK Water Sector. It is crucial that the Water Utilities and their Framework Partners look towards candidates with transferable skills as part of their recruitment strategy, in order to reduce the predicted shortfall of Engineers.

Stride Recruitment has a wealth of experience sourcing and attracting both permanent and contract skillsets for the UK Water Sector.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, there has been a notable decrease in the number of Engineers with relevant industry experience to fulfil the demands of the Asset Management Programme. We are actively working with our clients to target candidates with the correct education and skillset, who have not necessarily worked in municipal water & wastewater but have experience in a related process plant environment. There are skilled candidates available who wish to transfer into the UK Water Sector, however, without the industry knowledge and experience, barriers to entry remain.

The UK Water Sector clearly recognises the challenge it faces when finding skilled Engineers. Looking towards the future, it is of utmost importance that we encourage new generations to pursue STEM careers, whether through an Apprenticeship or University. Only through the recognition of talent from related industry sectors and further training & development will the industry see a positive change to the ever-expanding shortage of Engineers.



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