• 8th August 2014

How has recruitment changed?

How has recruitment changed for Candidates? – A Recruiter’s Perspective

In recent years, the recruitment industry has matured and agencies have diversified to operate in niche market sectors. This approach is partly in response to the way candidates now search for work.

Candidates’ knowledge of recruitment agencies and their expectations have changed; they demand consultants who are immersed in their markets and can offer a higher level of service compared to a ‘run of the mill’ agency. Candidates are more knowledgeable, as they have greater access to client information and job opportunities in their market.

The majority of candidates no longer search for a ‘job for life’; instead they are always on the lookout for new and exciting prospects. These days candidates like to be noticed – search engines, online job boards and social media have made the research side of recruitment much easier and much more thorough too.

Candidates can easily show their expertise and skills and recruiters can easily match them with the latest jobs. Candidates need to be social media savvy – the fast-paced nature of recruitment means they should constantly be updating their online presence, such as LinkedIn as well as their CV, allowing recruiters to notice them and match them with suitable jobs. The changes to recruitment and how candidates can find and apply for jobs easily opens many opportunities.

As we move into an increasingly competitive skills market, it’s these candidates who will flourish and will do well. So make sure your online presence is up to date, and easily accessible, and enjoy the flurry of job opportunities that come your way!


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