• 5th October 2016

Increasing robotic equipment in construction industry

With the shrinking Japanese birth rate, construction companies in the country will have a staff shortage in the coming years. Heavy equipment manufacturer Komatsu has created a division which builds automated excavators and dozers, eliminating the need for human workers in this area.

Komatsu has teamed up with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles, AKA drones) company Skycatch to provide its automated machines with real-time insights. The drones will fly above the worksite and generate 3D site data which can be combined with models to calculate area and volume of earth to be moved.

This move from Komatsu sits alongside similar developments from companies like Fastbrick who have developed robots that can lay 2,000 bricks per hour, bringing in an element of different technical skills required to manage these new on-site systems.

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