• 9th August 2016

Risk of Workplace Injury Reduced

Risk of Workplace Injury Reduced with New FORTIS Exoskeleton.

It is not uncommon for the oft-heavy equipment and tools used in manufacturing to lead to injury within the workforce, resulting in staffing losses for the company and pain for the employee. This near-constant threat of pain or injury can put potential manufacturers off working in the industry.

Engineers at Lockheed Martin have created the FORTIS exoskeleton, designed to shift the weight from workers onto a mechanical arm borne by supports the worker wears like a bodysuit.

Fortis Exoskeleton

“FORTIS is holding the tool, and the weight gets transferred through the arm, through the hip joint and down to the ground around me,” Barnes explained. “So the tool feels a lot lighter”.

With the tool supporting the weight of the tool, up to 16 kilograms, the worker’s energy isn’t being spent on holding the tool and can instead use the tool for a much longer period of time.

Watch FORTIS in action below:


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