• 2nd October 2014

#Social media and recruiting – does it work?

Social media – it’s clear that it’s taken the world by storm. Chances are if you have been trying to recruit you have at least considered using social media to find the right candidate for a role.

There are tons of opinions that social media can help fill jobs; but can social media really help connect candidates with their dream jobs? According to Jobsite Social Recruiting Survey it can, with 94% of recruiters saying they now turn to social media to help source new exciting talent. Social media has provided recruiters with a whole new realm of ways of contacting and learning about potential new candidates.

However, with the sudden growth of social media both recruiters and candidates need to be aware of boundaries. Contacting a candidate by LinkedIn is acceptable, but tweeting that guy you just followed on twitter could be seen as inappropriate and unwelcomed. Candidates – if the recruiter has not responded to your CV you should call or email them, hunting them down on Facebook to ask why you haven’t heard back is not going to do you any favours.

It seems the best way to approach social recruiting is by using it alongside traditional methods; 3 out of 4 HR Managers and Recruiters now check an applicant’s social media profile, enabling them to find higher-quality candidates. Finding someone on LinkedIn can give you a sneak peek on their current work situation and qualification and skills, whereas Twitter can give you small insights into someone’s personality and lifestyle, while Facebook allows you to see their social patterns.

That’s where the success of social recruiting lies; it gives you a fair idea of who your candidate is, their personality and how they could fit into your company, or the company you are hiring on behalf of. For both recruiters and candidates, social media can open endless possibilities.

Candidates please note; posting offensive and inappropriate information to social media can ruin your chances of getting the job. Monitoring your presence on social media platforms is essential if you’re to be taken seriously on your job search.


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