• 3rd September 2018

Stride for Stephen – Challenge completed

At the beginning of 2018, part of the Stride team began training for this year’s Stride for Stephen challenge, a 75 mile walk to be completed in 25 hours.

The team’s aim was to raise money for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which supports young adults from ethnic minorities, aged 13 to 30, in realising and achieving their potential in a career in Architecture.

The challenge took place on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of July, and began with the team leaving our Portsmouth office at 4am on the Friday. The challenge consisted of walking from our Portsmouth office to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust’s headquarters in Deptford, to mark the 25th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s death.

Prior to the walk, Scott Thornton, Stride’s Director, stated “it’s only walking, how hard can it be?”. It turned out to be incredibly hard!

So how did the challenge play out?

Day one they left our office at 4am and covered 50 miles of walking; which is almost the equivalent distance to two marathons. After 15 hours of walking on day one, the team made it to Guildford; physically and mentally drained, ready for nothing but sleep. Approximately 90,000 steps were covered per person on the first day of the challenge, with most of the team struggling with bruised or swollen feet.

Stride for Stephen 2018 walk

Day two also started off at 4am, heading from Guildford to London. The team had walked approximately 12 and a half miles by 8am, crossing over the M25 and into South London. The walk continued through Merton, Streatham and Dulwich before arriving to be greeted by Sonia Watson and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust team at 4pm on the Saturday afternoon.

The Stride team taking part in this challenge, which included participants of Iron Man competitions, Marathons, Tough Mudder and even Cross Channel sailing challenges, universally proclaimed this challenge to be the toughest one yet.

The team successfully managed to hit their sponsorship target of £4,000.00, by raising £4,930.50 including Gift Aid. Stride are so proud to be associated with, and to support such an amazing charity, and the team are already planning their 2019 events!

This was THE hardest challenge I have ever been involved with by far! There were times when quitting was definitely an option but myself and the team all battled to complete the challenge. I was and am so proud of each and every person within the team; everyone pushed themselves to their absolute limits and battled through both mental and physical pain. We couldn’t walk properly for at least a week after! You would think after all these years of walking it would be quite simple… apparently not! Working with such an amazing inspirational charity definitely helped us to mentally push through the pain!

Sophie Atkinson – Recruitment Consultant

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2019 – TBC



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