• 27th November 2017

Stride takes on the National Three Peaks Challenge

10 members of the Stride team took on the National Three Peaks Challenge on the weekend of the 23rd September 2017 to raise money for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (SLCT). This article was written based on the team’s experiences.

Why Stride chose the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

“We provide recruitment solutions to the architecture industry and supporting an industry as great as this, the Stride team and I were determined to give something back.

Having met with Neil & Sonia at SLCT earlier in the year, we immediately warmed to them as individuals, finding it inspirational the tireless work that the charity does.  The team and I were determined to raise as much money as possible for their ‘Building Futures’ programme, so what better way to do this than hike higher and further than we ever had across the tallest mountains in the United Kingdom.” Mark Nagle, Operations Manager.

The Stephen Lawrence Building Futures Programme supports young adults from ethnic minorities, aged 13 to 30, in realising and achieving their potential in a career in architecture.

“The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust is such a great cause and having met representatives of the charity; the fundraising activities and pain we went through feels entirely worthwhile. It’s great to know that the funds we raised will make a huge difference to somebody who is passionate about architecture, who may not have had the opportunity for continued education were it not for the great work the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust do,” said Matt Weaver, Recruitment Consultant.

What happened within the 24 hour Challenge

The team’s day began before dawn at 4.30am where we undertook an 11-hour drive from Portsmouth to Ben Nevis. Arriving at Fort William in late afternoon, the team started their first and most daunting peak at around 4pm. We faced an 8 mile hike up the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom with a height of 1342m. For the second half of the ascent and the whole descent, the team were battered by 60mph winds and freezing temperatures, testing both bodies and minds. 

The 7-hour drive to Scafell Pike in the Lake District was used to attempt some much-needed sleep and restore strength before arriving shortly after daybreak to commence the second mountain. Scafell Pike was completed in 4 hours, which meant the race was on to make it to Snowdon in north Wales for the final peak in the challenge. With heavy rain, the night rapidly closing in and zero visibility due to fog, enthusiasm had to be replaced with common sense, and safety became the main priority. We followed expert advice and the team turned back approximately halfway up Snowdon. Despite this disappointing end to the challenge, the team achieved their fundraising goals and created amazing memories,” commented Mark.

Stride for Stephen National Three Peaks Challenge

Upon reflection of the Challenge

“Having had knee troubles for my entire adult life, it was bound to become an issue at some point – unfortunately this ended up being three quarters of the way up Britain’s highest peak. Although it was clear that the entire challenge was no longer possible for me, I was determined to get through the 60mph winds to the top of Ben Nevis,” said Matt.

“Although I had trained previously to do the Three Peaks Challenge, no amount of training or experience could have prepared me for what we did. The three peaks were both physically and mentally challenging, and it was an intense weekend. On reflection it was a great experience and for a great cause and I am glad that we did it!” stated Beth Hollis, Recruitment Consultant.

Stride successfully raised over £4,000 plus Gift Aid, which beat our target of £3,000. The STR Group also donated £1,000 to Stride to fund transport, food and drink. This was to ensure all donations received go directly to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.



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