• 11th January 2016

Stride’s Architectural Recruitment Review

Well, here we are in 2016! 2015 simply flew by and it was another record breaking year for Stride Recruitment’s Architectural team so as we look forward to 2016 and what looks set to be another outstanding year, it is also a great time to reflect upon the past year within the UK architectural recruitment industry and think about what it’s going to look like in the next twelve months.

Firstly, I have to express my pride in how we have done in 2015. The team achieved outstanding growth both in terms of client and candidate satisfaction scores, we rebranded to Stride including the launch of our new website; www.stride-recruitment.com. We also expanded the team further with two additional new specialist Architectural recruitment consultants joining the business and quickly developing a passion for all things architectural design.

In terms of current market demand; there was one word which we heard almost universally in 2015 and expect to continue hearing throughout 2016 when our clients were looking for people- ‘Revit’! BIM is booming and with more and more practices plus their clients seeing the benefits of designing in 3d, architectural practices are vying to find the very best Revit users to join their practices with the increase in demand for these people inevitably seeing our candidates receiving offers from multiple practices, putting them in the enviable position of having a high degree of choice in picking the ideal move and seeing salaries for Revit users hitting new highs, not just in London but also particularly within hotspots Birmingham and Manchester.

London based projects have been central to the rejuvenation of the architectural industry following the recession but this growth saw construction tender costs rocket in 2015 from around £140 per sq ft to over £200 per sq ft subsequently a number of clients choose to put projects on hold meaning that for the first time in a few years we heard of redundancies. This was a temporary blip however with the end of 2015 seeing things busier than ever.

Confidence in private sector projects remained strong in 2015 with our clients reporting that confidence in revenue growth within the public sector remaining low. The UK’s housing shortages and rapidly increasing prices underpinned this growth meaning that it was another excellent year for architectural practices with a strong portfolio of volume residential projects with an incredible 65% of all new job requirements ideally seeking individuals with some form of housing background.

Student accommodation was another sector continuing to grow with Stride finding an increase of 10% demand of jobs focusing on this area from 2014 figures. With UK Universities more cash rich than ever and looking to invest in their housing stock to get as many students as possible living in accommodation owned and operated by them.

The Midlands, North and North West England based projects saw significant growth during 2015, as did the offices of Manchester and Birmingham based architectural practices. Increased housing prices and cost of living in London is continuing to see Architects starting to leave London to move to the Midlands and North West for similar wages, yet the ability to purchase/ rent property of a significantly higher standard. Architectural projects of increasing design quality and ambition outside of the Capital, the imminent HS2 construction and government focus on investing outside of London has helped Birmingham and Manchester in particular with both now featuring a host of leading names of the architectural world. Nationwide recruitment is an area of continuing extensive growth for the Stride team with our team developing a reputation as one of the leading recruiters outside of London as well as within.


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