• 27th August 2019

Tom’s next steps in the Architecture industry


With a mixture of sadness and pride, Stride says goodbye to Tom Lay this week as he leaves to start his degree in Architectural Technology at Southampton Solent University. We may be victims of our own success in creating a culture of passion for the architectural industry! We know that Tom’s attitude and skills will prove to be a great addition to the Architectural Technology community, and naturally we look forward to keeping in touch with him as he progresses through his degree, and using his increased skillset to enhance our own. Good luck Tom!

“From my very first week at Stride, the passion for architecture here was apparent. It was clear that I wasn’t going to be surrounded by just a bunch of recruiters, but by people that really care about the industry they’re working in.

Prior to my time at Stride, I did have somewhat of a personal connection to architecture, with several friends studying and working in the industry already. I’d seen some of the work they’d produced, and I was always amazed at the quality put into every last detail.

As a team, Stride makes sure we really get involved in the industry; whether through architecture walks, client visits or attending industry awards, it all helps to develop genuine interest.

 Once a month, we take it in turns to present an architect/designer of our choice to the team. We talk about their career path, body of work, design philosophy and inspirations. This was especially effective in developing respect for the industry-leading professionals.

This interest and respect, inherently makes us more effective in providing advice to our candidates and clients alike. Alongside talking to architectural professionals on a daily basis, who are incredibly passionate about their profession, it’s difficult not to become infatuated by it all.

There’s no doubt that the infectious passion for architecture at Stride and encouragement to throw yourself into the industry has influenced my decision to pursue a career in Architectural Technology. For me, it was an easy choice to pursue technology and not traditional architecture. I’ve always favoured maths, science and computer-based work, so it seemed to be an ideal fit for my strengths and interests.

As a big sports fan, my dream would be to work on state-of-the-art sports stadia and arenas. If I could walk into a cricket ground or an ice hockey arena knowing I’d done my bit, that would be an incredible feeling and something that I aspire to. I’ll report back in 10 years or so…”


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