• 15th August 2014

Want a Job in Recruitment? 7 must have skills!

Thinking about making the jump into recruitment? Here are our must have skills and characteristics that successful consultants should possess:


Commitment and determination to succeed are essential when taking on a role in recruitment. If you don’t have the will to succeed, then chances are recruitment is not for you.


You need to be confident, not just with yourself but also about the services you offer to your clients and jobseekers. If people can see you’re confident, they’re a lot more likely to believe in you.

Mature approach

As a recruitment consultant you need to be willing to learn from others but also put your personality into the role. People buy into personality and clients and candidates alike will put their trust in someone who is genuine and mature.

Target driven

One of the most important characteristics a recruitment consultant should possess is being target-driven. The recruitment industry can be particularly competitive; therefore it is essential that a recruiter can handle pressure. You need to be aware of your targets and hungry for results. Recruitment can be a very rewarding industry, but only if you meet your targets, if you are not a target driven person it could be time to reconsider your options.

Communication skills

Being an excellent communicator is essential, whether face to face, on the phone or via email. It can be easy letting people know the good news; however, if things don’t turn out positively for the jobseeker, communication can become a lot more difficult. Situations will arise where a recruiter needs to prove they are tactful, considerate and understanding in order to keep good relationships.


As a recruiter you will soon get used to dealing with multiple jobs and projects simultaneously. Staying on top of things and ensuring nothing falls behind is essential – you need to be able to work efficiently as well as effectively.

Relationship building skills

As a recruiter, be prepared to deal with a wide range of people. The best recruiters love to meet new people and know how to network at every opportunity. However, maintaining relationships are just as important as making new ones.

Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth, a happy jobseeker is likely to recommend you to friends and family should they ever need a job in the future.

Recruitment can be a challenging role, and the skills you need will constantly develop on the job, however if you possess the majority of these you’ll soon be succeeding and reaping the benefits.


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