• 13th October 2014

Why being a recruiter rocks

Like journalists, lawyers and politicians, recruiters are not ranked highly on the list of favourite professions.

However, contrary to many people’s opinions recruiting can be a very rewarding role – one that offers career development, variety and exciting opportunities.

No day is the same

It’s hard to predict what you will be doing each day in recruitment as there is so much variety within the role and no day is the same. Your day could be spent sourcing candidates, meeting clients, interviewing or building relationships with potential customers – whatever it is there will definitely won’t be any time to get bored.

Recruiting genuinely matters

Recruiters tend to get a lot of stick, but at the end of the day the most important part of the job is finding the client the perfect candidate – and that can only be a good thing…… right? What recruiters do actually does matter. As clichéd as it sounds recruiters have the power to change people’s lives. Knowing that you’ve helped secure a candidate their dream role is pretty good job satisfaction!


Unlike many, job recruiters have a great deal of autonomy over their day-to-day work. You have the freedom to manage your daily tasks how you see appropriate, and you build up your workload and ultimately it’s your responsibility to continually grow more business.

Unrivalled earning potential
As well as controlling your everyday tasks, you control the amount you earn. The harder you work and the more jobs you fill, the more you’ll take home. If you do well you have the potential to take a home a very generous pay packet.

Exciting opportunities

As recruitment is required in so many different industries, the chances are that throughout your career you will be involved in recruiting in more than one sector. This gives you the opportunity to be constantly learning and developing your career.

Like any job being a recruiter can be tough, but the benefits sure make up for it. Working in a job where you get a great return on your efforts is a fantastic feeling! Are you a recruiter – what do you love about it?


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