James Coltart

Senior Consultant – Commercial

James joined the STR Group in 2017 as a Senior Consultant within the construction team. Having already built robust relationships with many of the most successful main contractors, James then switched to specifically sourcing commercial staff.

Solely working within pre-con and surveying, James prides himself on being able to source those qualified and often elusive professionals. He is a tenacious consultant who works closely with his clients, ensuring that the right skills and competences are matched, whilst looking closer into behaviours and personalities to predict success within a role.

James believes that successful recruitment comes from augmenting his clients’ existing internal teams. Understanding a company’s history, their culture, current operational needs and future aspirations are all equally essential in creating a clear picture of their recruitment requirements.

Please get in touch with James to discuss how his expertise in the field could benefit your company’s recruitment and resourcing strategy on 02392 322370 or jcoltart@strideresourcing.com


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