Head of Digital Engineering

  • Contract
  • Greater London, United Kingdom
  • £1,000 to £1,400 per day

This role is responsible for providing overall leadership on Digital Engineering practices across the organisation as a whole, covering the four key areas of process, people, data and technology. It will also implement policies relating to Digital Engineering (BIM) to bring greater efficiencies into the design, build, test, operate and maintain project phases.


  • To be responsible for managing the design and delivery of the Digital Engineering programme, pursuing clear objectives consistent with the wider Infrastructure and project objectives, and setting and managing agreed deliverables and
  • To be accountable for managing the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the ‘Digital Engineering Platform’ to support the delivery of HS2 and enable employees and the Supply Chain to carry out activities consistently and to the UK leading
  • To be responsible for leading on the delivery of and monitor the adequacy, execution and effectiveness of the Digital Engineering Platform (encompassing data and processes), including the reporting of findings and the placing and close- out of corrective
  • To be accountable for achieving process and manpower efficiencies through the implementation of Digital
  • To be responsible for developing processes and reviewing policies relevant to functional discipline in order to ensure they are in line with strategic business objectives, whilst establishing and nurturing a culture that understands and prioritises data and uses it to make
  • To be accountable for developing standards, methods and procedures to provide HS2 and its Supply Chain with a consistent and standardised approach to data
  • To be responsible for defining and gaining support for the design and delivery of the HS2 Digital Twin for use during design and construction (Virtual Railway) and operations and maintenance (Digital Twin).
  • To be accountable for managing the development and implementation of the strategies required to promote HS2 as an exemplary project in the application of Digital Engineering, its use of data, and its digital
  • To be responsible for supporting the Chief Engineer engage with Network Rail, Transport for London and other relevant stakeholders and Government bodies to ensure HS2 receives the information and support needed to carry out HS2’s work effectively and
  • Actively promote and embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in all your work and support and comply with all organisational initiatives, policies and procedures in EDI

Required Skills:

  • Complex problem solving – the ability to identify complex problems and reviewi related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Clear Direction – Defining and prioritising objectives, analysing inputs, assessing and challenging data, defining strategies and supporting rationales
  • Decision Quality – Gathering and synthesising information, identifying options and applying sound judgement based on logic and reason, making use of a variety of analytical approaches to provide relevant information to suppliers, stakeholders and decision makers using key facts and data

Technical Leadership –

  • Ability to provide specialist technical support and leadership on all discipline- specific scientific, technical and digital engineering principles
  • Ability to provide strategic oversight and contextual technical support and leadership on innovative / sensitive / contentious multi discipline- technical and digital engineering principles
  • Communicate – ability to communicate with most discipline-specific technical ideas to stakeholders and colleagues, based on examples of application where
  • Ability to apply principles and methods to information management, modelling and data security; understanding the approaches and consequences to data creation, transformation and visualisation and knowing when to seek guidance from Subject Matter Expert


  • Specific knowledge of the UK context surrounding HS2, which includes having knowledge and understanding of the political and environmental implications which may/may have impacted HS2
  • Understanding of the Regulatory/Legislative Framework relevant to HS2
  • Knowledge of Digital Engineering standards such as ISO19650, BS/PAS1192; data standards such as ISO8000; and asset management standards such as
  • Understanding of different approaches to data analysis, data modelling, and data visualisation to realise tangible benefits
  • Understanding of the technology landscape in and around the construction and manufacturing sectors, including identification and implementation methodologies
  • Degree qualified MSC / MBA in a relevant field or equivalent

Type of experience:

  • Experience in managing digital engineering data make use of information consistently that supports the integration of
  • Experience of assuring that an integrated IT platform and infrastructure is developed to host the application of Digital
  • Experience of assuring the integration of data through the design and construction phases of major infrastructure programmes in a timely and efficient manner to the highest
  • Experience in leading big data programmes including data definition, quality, integration, and
  • Experience in leading teams including resource allocation, l project delivery, building and maintaining internal and external relationships, and financial control

Leadership Competencies (include for all roles Grade 19+ only)

  • Inspirational Leadership: Demonstrating leadership flexibility, motivating and inspiring people from diverse functions and
  • Execution: Stretching the performance of people with a wide range of skills and
  • Influence: Cross-matrix influencing, using a range of interpersonal approaches to persuade people with differing perspectives and
  • Collaboration: Collaborating across boundaries, to establish reciprocal relationships and alliances across the
  • Direction: Co-ordinating cross business teams, creating a shared sense of purpose and keeping diverse teams focused on the same HS2
  • Business Judgement: Ensuring values for money, making judgements on what will ensure commercial viability, appropriately balancing risk and
  • Innovation: Inspiring differentiation, innovating and encouraging early adoption of new ideas and ‘pushing the boundaries’
  • Growing Talent: Fast-tracking talent, taking risks with growth opportunities for high potential performers to ‘raise their ‘

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